Hi Definition Aerial Cinematography & Photograhy

Eagle i Solutions uses state of the art aerial platforms for high definition aerial cinematography and aerial photography, as well as agricultural services including bird scaring and mapping. We have a Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) UAV Operators Certificate (OC) to operate our specalised radio-controlled flying platforms.

The advantages of using our industry leading equipment are extensive:

First and foremost is cost. Our machines are far cheaper to operate than a full sized helicopter, therefore the costs savings will be passed onto our clients.

Upon arrival at a job, we can be airborne within minuets; this saves you valuable time and also makes for complete flexibility with timing.

Our machines can go places booms, hand held cameras and full sized helicopters cant. We have shot close range in small streets, laneways, crowded beaches and even inside using one of our smaller machines.

Co founder of the company, Henry Ellis, comes from an agricultural background. He realized the cost savings to vineyards and orchards if they didn’t have to net. With our specialized bird scaring speakers that attach to our machine we can keep the birds away and protect your precious crops without the laborious task of netting an entire crop. This services has been tried and tested with incredible results in vineyards in Tasmania.

All our pilots hold commercial pilots licences as well as remote pilots licences. With years of experience in the industry we bring an enormous skill set to you, the client.

Eagle i Solutions is based in Sydney Australia, however with professionally designed hard transport cases we can come to you wherever you are domestically or internationally.

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Please call us any time for information or a quote. Most jobs we can quote over the phone on the spot.

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